50 pack - flat glassine bags, 5.5" x 7.75" translucent waxed paper envelopes - Town Supply

50 - flat translucent 5.5" x 7.75" glassine bags with serrated tops

These glassine bags are food safe, grease resistant, and FDA and USDA compliant, making them ideal for packaging baked goods and small food items. They also make great packaging for handmade soaps and beauty products, wedding and party favors, seeds, scrapbooking and stamp collecting.

IMPORTANT! These bags are resistant to water and grease, but not heat. When exposed to high temperatures, glassine can easily burn and the glue used to hold these bags together will melt, causing them to fall apart. Heat causes glassine to become brittle, blister and/or char, but not to stick together or shrink.

Important note: These bags are not returnable for refund or exchange. Please see our Return Policy for more information. 

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